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The Strata Marketplace was created to connect everyone in the Strata Community with each other, not everyone is a Strata champion that has all the connections & experience and will always know what to do, here are just a few scenarios where the Strata Marketplace will help you.

Are you on a Owner’s Committee and looking to change your Strata (Body Corporate) manager and don’t know where to start? Post a FREE Listing

Changing over Strata (Body Corporate) Managers is a big decision, here you can post a listing for a new manager and let Strata Management companies send you proposals detailing what services they can provide and at what cost, that way you can compare companies without having the chore of researching the internet.

Are you a Committee Member/Building Manager looking to reduce costs on your routine maintenance contracts to lower the cost of annual levies for all owners? Post a FREE Listing

You might be living in a unit in a building that has a small annual budget or have the Management Rights and are new to the Strata industry, here you can post listings for periodic contracts such as gardening, air conditioning, waste management that will allow your building to get maximum value for the money spent on these routine services.

Do you have any projects or major repairs that need to be costed & worked out before they can be approved before proceeding? Post a FREE Listing

Every building needs a maintenance plan or forecast for any future repairs or replacement of plant and equipment, here you can post listings to accurately cost these future expenses, which in turn will allow you to keep the maintenance budget under control now and into the future.

Remember, all ads are free to post but if you have any questions, you can always email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

The Team at Strata Marketplace

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